我們是專業鋅合金傢俱把手生產公司,我們在這個領域有三十多年的生產經驗,品質、價格、交期是我們非常重視的。誠心能與 貴司一起拓展無限商機,歡迎貴司來樣開發任何鋅製產品。

尚存公司創立於1977年, 從鋅合金模具製作, 精密壓鑄,攻牙鑽孔,振動及手動研磨抛光,各種電鍍、烤漆色澤、成品包裝輸出, 我們秉持品質的、專業的、 效率旳、誠信的經營態度, 能在市場廣受客戶的肯定與信賴, 未來將致力研發新色澤、新樣式把手, 誠心歡迎您來樣開發 OEM、ODM, 我們將以最專業的品質、最優惠的價格, 提供最迅速的服務。
We are a manufacturer of Zinc Die-cast products since 1977. Over the years we have gained rich experiences in developing various models of Mold for new products upon request of our customers.

We have our own Q/C system in controlling every stage of production process, from precision die-casting ,threading and drilling, vibrating by machine to hand buffing, plating in different finishes, coating in various colors to the final stage of packaging. All stages of production process are conducted under very strict control to ensure quality.

Due to our utmost sincerity in doling business with our customers and our professional service in delivering our products under a strict quality control as well as punctual delivery and high efficiency, we have earned the positive recognition and trust of our customers.

To meet rapid changes and new demand in the markets, we keep developing the new style/model of Pulls & Knobs. We cordially welcome your inquiries with the counter samples, and to cooperate in jointly developing new OEM or ODM. We guarantee to offer you with our quality products at most reasonable prices as well as most efficient delivering services.